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Bach Break holiday property management has been successful operating for five years growing to managing over 60 properties sleeping up to 350 guests per night. Part of the service we provide is quality cleaning to hotel quality standards during and after guest stays.

Over this time, we have gained vital experience in the cleaning industry and we employee a team of experienced quality cleaners. Setting up Clean Break has been a natural expansion of our business and we are pleased to be able offer customers a high-end cleaning experience.

Jo Bourke


Jo has a Diploma in Business and has a passion for property management and presenting properties to a high standard.  She has established a successful holiday property management business and has taken that experience to set up Clean Break a quality cleaning business.   

Donna Higginson

Accounts & Administration Superstar

Donna brings a wealth of knowledge to the business with 22 years of administration and accounts management experience. She is involved in sorting the online bookings and collecting payment.  She is also involved in marketing, promotion and eco product development. 

Denise Ingle

Head Cleaner

Denise has over 4 years commercial and residential cleaning and supervisory experience.  Her background covers a number of roles within the industry including school, motel and holiday property cleaning.  She has an eye for detail and takes pride in achieving quality results for customers.

Cleaning tip
To get the best dusting results use a dusting mitt

Raymond Sheehan

Head Cleaner

Raymond comes from a background of retail manager and has 6 years cleaning experience in 5-star boutique hotel and holiday property supervising and cleaning experience. His experience supervising and cleaning to a very high level ensures that properties are left sparkling clean. 

Cleaning tip
For best results use a pot brush for cleaning the toilet. Pop some toilet cleaner in the toilet brush bowl to keep it clean and sanitised

Vicki Sheehan

Cleaning Manager

Vicki has 40 years’ experience in hospitality, retail and leading successful teams. She handles all operations on the ground. She has an eye for detail and is well organised ensuring all cleaning is carried out to a very high standard.  

Cleaning tip
Get a toothbrush into those shower corners

Kelly Harvey

Operations Manager

Kelly has 10 years’ experience supervising and cleaning within the hospitality industry including five-star hotels and holiday properties.  She is highly experienced and ensure properties are presented to an immaculate standard. 

Cleaning tip
Clean your mirror with a pillowcase for extra shine

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